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CBT and our partners offer a wide range of services and solutions that can be applied to help your business. Together, we have a team of industry-leading specialists focused on working with our customers in overcoming their business challenges. We offer solutions that enable our customers to reduce downtime and operational costs as well as improving safety and increasing throughput.

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Reduce Downtime

Are you concerned about experiencing production downtime? Our Services Team can help you implement solutions to overcome the following obstacles:

  • Insufficient spare inventory in house
  • Management of end of life, product obsolescence or critical assets
  • Network disruptions/cyber attacks
  • Bridging the skillset gap
  • Supporting plant operations
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Reduce Operating Costs

Do you need assistance reaching your cost reduction goals? We have assisted companies of all sizes to achieve cost reduction in the following areas:

  • Appropriate MRO budget reduction by:
    • Right sizing spares inventory
    • Reducing hardware failure
    • Preventative/predictive equipment maintenance
  • Energy management
  • Avoiding security breaches
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Increase Throughput

Our Information and Operation Technology Specialists can help you increase productivity by:

  • Incorporating smart manufacturing into your day-to-day process
  • Providing real-time data on manufacturing key performance indicators
  • Sharing information seamlessly between all levels and departments of your facility
  • Monitoring your production remotely in real time to prevent unnecessary downtime
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Improve Safety

Complying with safety standards and regulations may seem like a daunting task. CBT and our trusted partners can assist you in making your facility safer for your employees by:

  • Complying with OSHA’s safety recommendations/requirements
  • Meeting the standards for machine/process safety
  • Protecting your employees, equipment, and facilities
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Reach Out To Our Team

Our Services Team is an extension of your business. We are here to help identify and overcome your operational challenges. Contact us to learn how we can improve together.

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